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January 2010

Some Important Announcement of the Government during the month of January 2010  


1.       Public Notice No. 28/2009-2014 dated 7th January, 2010 makes changes in address of Joint DGFT, Surat by amending Appendix 1 (list of Regional Licensing Authorities and their Jurisdiction).


2.       Public Notice No.29/2009-14 dated 7th January, 2010 makes amendment in Export Obligation Period (EOP) for advance authorizations issued for import of raw sugar.

3.      Public Notice No.30/2009-14 dated 12th January, 2010 makes amendments/additions in promotional schemes under Chapter 3of FTP.


4.      Cotton Woven Fabrics is added under New Market Linked Focus Products Scheme (Appendix 37D, Table 6 for specified countries vide Public Notice No.33/2009-14 dated 13th January, 2010.


5.      Public Notice No.35/2009-14 dated 21st January, 2010 notify Amendments in the Input Output Norms in respect of export productGroups Engineering.


6.      Public Notice No.36/2009-2014 dated 21st January, 2010 issue clarification regarding fixation/re-fixation of the annual average EO for previous years for sector/product groups where total exports have declined by more than 5% in the previous year.


7.      No fee is payable for modification/amendment in IEC number if such application is made in 90 days (earlier it was 60 days) as per Public Notice No.37/2009-2014 dated 28th January, 2010.


8.      Import of Hot Rolled Coils (Exim Code 7208) made "Free" vide Notification No.23/2009-2014 dated 8th January, 2010.


9.      Notification No.24/2009-2014 dated 14th January, 2010 makes amendment in Chapter 8 of FTP regarding mega power projects.


10.    Notification No.25/2009-2014 dated 15th January, 2010 makes amendment in entitlement of various Schemes of Para 3 of FTP.


11.     Notification No.26/2009-2014 dated 25th January, 2010makes amendments in export Policy of Animal by product to EU in the Schedule 2 (Export Policy) of ITC (HS) Classifications of Export and Import items.


12.    Notification No.27/2009-2014 dated 27th January, 2010makes amendments in ImportPolicy of Toys in the Schedule 1 (Export Policy) of ITC (HS) Classifications of Export and Import items.

January 2010

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