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1.Notification No. 45/2011-Customs dated 1st June, 2011 amend the notification No. 96/2008-Customs dated 13th August, 2008 so as to include "Islamic Republic of Afghanistan" as one of the beneficiaries to DFTP Scheme.


2.Notification No. 46/2011-Customs dated 1st June, 2011 supersedes Notification No. 153/2009-Customs dated 31st December, 2009 to provide duty concession to goods when imported from Philippines and other specified ASEAN countries in view of ASEAN-India FTA(AIFTA).


3.Notification No. 47/2011-Customs dated 14th June, 2011 is regarding revision in quantum of anti dumping duty on Pertaerythritol originating in, or exported from China PR and Sweden.

4.Notification No. 48/2011-Customs dated15th June, 2011 speaks about continuation of anti dumping duty, up to and inclusive of14th June, 2012 on Metronidazole, originating in, or exported from the China PR imposed vide Notification No. 61/2006-Customs dated 15th June, 2006 of Department of Revenue.


5.Notification No. 49/2011-Customs dated 21st June, 2011 amend the Notification No. 107/2008-Customs dated 6th October, 2008 to enhance the extent of Margin of Preference in respect of specified goods imported from Least Developed Countries of South Asia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA).


6.Notification No. 50/2011-Customs dated 22nd June, 2011 notify the Anti dumping duty on import of sewing machine needles from China PR.


7.Notification No. 51/2011-Customs dated 22nd June, 2011, extends DEPB Scheme upto 30th September, 2011 (Let export order).


8.Notification No. 52/2011-Customs dated 25th June, 2011 impose5%Customs Duty onCrude,Diesel, Petrol and petroleum products.


9.Notification No. 40/2011/(N.T.) dated 24th June, 2011 include The Republic of Phillippinesunder the Preferential Trade Agreement between Governments of Member States of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) AND THE Republic of India ) Rules, 2009.