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2701 Coal, Briquettes, ovoids and similar fuel manufactured from coal
Coal, whether or not pulverized,
but not agglomerated:
Company Sub Chapters
2702 Lignite, whether or not agglomerated, excluding jet Company
2703 Peat (including peat litter), whether or not agglomerated Company Sub Chapters
2704 Coke and semi-coke of coal, of lignite or of peat, whether or not agglomerated; retort carbon Company Sub Chapters
2705 Coal gas, water gas, producer gas and similar gases, other than petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons Company
2706 Tar distilled from coal, from lignite or from peat and other mineral tars, whether or not dehydrated or partially distilled, including reconstituted tars Company Sub Chapters
2707 Oils and other products of the distillation of high temperature coal tar, similar products in which the weight of the aromatic constituents exceeds that of the non-aromatic constituents Company
2708 Pitch and pitch coke, obtained from coal tar or from other mineral tars Company Sub Chapters
2709 Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, crude Company
2710 Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, other than crude; preparations not elsewhere specified or included, containing by weight 70% or more of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous minerals, these oils being the basic cons Company Sub Chapters
2711 Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons
2712 Petroleum jelly, paraffin wax, microcystalline petroleum wad, slack wax, ozokerite, lignite wax, peta wax, other mineral waxes, and similar products obtained by synthesis or by other processes, whether or not coloured Company Sub Chapters
2713 Petroleum coke, petroleum bitumen and other residues of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous minerals.
Petroleum coke:
2714 Bitumen and asphalt, natural bituminous or oil shale and tar sands; asphaltities and asphaltic rocks Company Sub Chapters
2715 Bituminous mixtures based on natural asphalt, on natural bitumen, on petroleum bitumen, on mineral tar or on mineral tar pitch (for example, bituminous mastics, cut backs). Company Sub Chapters
2716 Electrical Energy Company