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3701 Photographic plates and film in the flat, sensitised, unexposed, of any material other than paper, paper-board or textiles; instant print-film in the flat, sensitised, unexposed, whether or not in packs Company Sub Chapters
3702 Photographic film in rolls, sensitised, unexposed, of any material other than paper, paper board or textiles; instant print film in rolls,sensitised, unexposed Company Sub Chapters
3703 Photographic paper, paper board and textiles,sensitised,unexposed. Company Sub Chapters
3704 Photographic plates, film, paper, paper board and textiles, exposed but not developed. Company Sub Chapters
3705 Photographic plates and film, exposed and developed,other than cinematographic film Company Sub Chapters
3706 Cinematographic film, exposed and developed, whether or not incorporating sound track or consisting only of sound track. Company Sub Chapters
3707 Chemical preparations for photographic uses (other than varnishes, Glues, adhesives and similar preparations); unmixed products for photographic uses, put up in measured portions or put up for retail sale in a form ready for use. Company Sub Chapters