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SP10 RECREATIONAL, CULTURAL AND SPORTING SERVICES (Other than audiovisual services) Company
SP11 TRANSPORT SERVICES Company Sub Chapters
SP1A Professional Services Company
SP1B Computer and related Services Company
SP1C Research And Development Services Company
SP1D Real Estate Services Company
SP1E Rental/ Leasing Services without operators Company
SP1F Other Business Services Company
SP2A Postal Services Company
SP2B Courier Services Company
SP2C Telecommunication Services Company
SP2D Audiovisual Services Company
SP2E Others Company
SP3A General construction work for building Company
SP3B General construction work for Civil Engineering Company
SP3C Installation and assembly work Company
SP3D Building completion and finishing work Company
SP3E Others Company
SP4A Commission agents services Company
SP4B Wholesale trade services Company
SP4C Retailing Services Company
SP4D Franchising Company
SP4E Others Company
SP5A Primary education services Company
SP5B Secondary education services Company
SP5C Adult education Company
SP5D Other Educational Services Company
SP6A Sewage services Company
SP6B Refuse disposal services Company
SP6C Sanitation and Similar services Company
SP6D Others Company
SP7A All Insurance and Insurance related Services Company
SP7B Banking and other Financial Services Company Sub Chapters
SP7C Other Company
SP8A Hospital Services Company
SP8B Other Human Health Services Company
SP8C Social Services Company
SP8E Other Company
SP9A Hotels and Resturants (including catering) Company
SP9B Travel agencies and Tour operators services Company
SP9C Tourist guides services Company
SP9D Others Company