Trade Finance Delivered Digitally, Globally!

FIEO and 360tf share a common endeavour to support and nurture Indian Exporters and to reinforce India amongst the Top Exporting nations in the world!

As part of this continuous endeavour, we are pleased to announce this Industry first partnership that aims to provide all FIEO members with the best avenues for their Trade Financing requirements. Through this tie-up, we aim to bring world class practices, global pricing levels to the Indian exporters and partnering in their growth - contributing to the Make-In-India initiative. We are confident of realizing our longstanding dream of being a catalyst in growing India’s Exports through this engagement.





At 360tf, we are passionate about inclusive trade finance and strongly believe that when trade is global, trade finance should be as well!

Designed by seasoned bankers and ex-treasurers, 360tf has set out on an endeavour to leverage on technology and build a robust online platform to connect every importer/exporter with banks across the globe and address trade financing gaps.

We are committed to designing a new future for Trade Finance by delivering positive results for all participating entities on the platform. Corporates on the one hand see improved probability of getting their Letter of Credit transactions confirmed and financed, and at the best terms, while banks on the other, have access to a consistent stream of new bank-backed trade financing opportunities, thereby improving utilizations, and diversifying their risk portfolios.

In a constantly evolving world, forced by the power of nature to adapt to new ways of working, we are confident a connected trade finance world can not only help the world get back on its feet faster, but pave the way for an even brighter future.