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Federation of Indian Export Organisations, also known as FIEO ( OR OR will not disclose your personal information to any outside organization for its use in marketing without your consent

Information regarding you (such as name, address and phone number) or your order and the products you purchase will not be given or sold to any outside organization for its use in marketing or solicitation without your consent. Your information may be shared with agents or contractors of FIEO for the purpose of performing services for FIEO.

Providing you with a secure online experience is a high priority for FIEO. We recognize that your privacy and security are of the utmost importance, and we have devoted a great deal of effort to ensure that your personal information is safeguarded. Your transactions are supported by industry-standard data encryption.

Data encryption.
If you are using a security-enabled browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.1 or greater, or Netscape Navigator version 2.0 or greater or Mozilla version 1.0.5 or greater), the information you send us regarding your purchase is encrypted, making it extremely difficult to read even if it is wrongly intercepted.

1. Browser security settings.
Your browser security preference settings are your first line of defense to stopping the theft or unwanted viewing of confidential, personal information. The most popular browsers offer you the ability to receive an alert or notification if any of the following happen or are about to occur:

Check the settings of your browser security features to see all the checks that are possible and those that are currently in place.

2. Browser security signals.
The presence of security measures surrounding the entry of data on a web page is identified in several ways for you on your browser:

3. Shared responsibility.
Security is actually a shared responsibility of FIEO and users on our website, who have the capability to enhance the security of their own accounts:

We hope that once you understand the measures we employ and the steps you can take to protect yourself, you'll be as confident about the security of your transactions and personal information as we are. In case of any queries please write into