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November, 2006


Some of the Important Announcements of the Government  

during Novmber, 2006


  1. Egg Albumin, Dried and Egg Albumin – other have been made eligible for benefits under Vishesh Krishi and Udyog Yojana vide notified Public Notice No. 68(RE-2006)/2004-09 dated 10thNovember, 2006.

  2. Public Notice No. 69(RE-2006)/2004-09 dated 21st November, 2006 notifies the Procedures for import of Vegetable Fats (Vanaspati), Pepper and Desiccated Coconut under Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement.

  3. Name of Bangkok Agreement is replaced with Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) vide Public Notice No. 70(RE-2006)/2004-09 dated 10thNovember, 2006.

  4. Chhindwara, Hoshangabad and Betul districts in State of Madhya Pradesh are also notified for Vegetables as Agri Export Zones vide Public Notice No. 71(RE-2006)/2004-09 dated 24th November, 2006.

  5. Public Notice No. 72(RE-2006)/2004-09 dated 28thNovember, 2006 notifies the procedures to be followed  for export of Pulses to Sri Lanka . 

  6. Policy condition on import of 6-APA (Exim Code 29411050) has been removed vide Notification No. 36 (RE-06)/2004-09 dated 21st  November, 2006.

  7. Prohibition imposed on export of Pulses shall not be applicable to Srilanka executed under the specific permission granted by DGFT, as per Notification No. 37 (RE-06)/2004-09 dated 27th November, 2006.

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November, 2006