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January, 2006


Some of the Important Announcements of the Government  

during January, 2006  


  1. Guidelines for disposal of old cases of Advance Licences (QUBAL & VABAL) issued before 31.3.2002 where the licencee is unable to produce the logged DEEC Book are issued vide Public Notice No.79 (RE-2005)/2004-2009 dated 2ndJanuary, 2006 

  2. The last date for filing the Application for import of various items under Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) is prescribed as 1stMarch of each financial year preceding to the year of the quota vide Public Notice No.80 (RE-2005)/2004-2009 dated 9thJanuary, 2006.Earlier the last date was 30thJune of each financial year 

  3. Public Notice No.81(RE-2005)/2004-09 dated 12thJanuary, 2006 adds few more items under Appendix 37A which qualify for export benefit under Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana Scheme. 

  4. Amendments/deletion/corrections and additions in the Input Output Norms in respect of product groups – Chemicals and Allied Products, Engineering Products and Food Products have been notified by Public Notice No. 82(RE-2005)/2004-09 dated 16thJanuary, 2006. 

  5. Sl. No.4 of Appendix 4-C of HBP Vol. 1 is modified and Guidelines for filling application for obtaining Importer-Exporter Code No. are amended vide Public Notice No. 83/(RE-2005)/2004-09 dated 20thJanuary, 2006. 

  6. Public Notice 84(RE-2005)/2004-09 dated 23rdJanuary, 2006 permits Duty Free Import of spices under Advance Licence scheme only for value addition purposes. The said Public Notice prescribes a period of 90 days for fulfillment of export obligation against import, from the date of receipt of the first import consignment i.e. the date on which the first import consignment is cleared by the Customs Authorities. 

  7. Public Notice No. 85(RE-2005)/2004-09 dated 27thJanuary, 2006 makes amendments in the Book titled – "Schedule of DEPB Rates" in respect of description of the export products under Product Groups "Engineering" and "Chemicals.".  

  8. Public Notice No.86(RE-2005)/2004-2009 dated 27thJanuary, 2006 notifies allocation of additional quantity of Raw Sugar out of free sale portion of 2005-06 season's production for export to USA. 

  9. Entry in Sl.No.48 (Tariff Item HS Code 120210 00) in Chapter 12 of Schedule 2 of ITC(HS) Classifications of Exports and Imports Items 2004-09 is amended to read as Groundnuts (Peanuts)and their productsexported to European Union by Notification No. 36 (RE-05)/2004-09 dated 9thJanuary, 2006. 

  10. Notification No. 37 (RE-05)/2004-09 dated 9thJanuary, 2006 amends the Policy for Import of Fixed Wireless Phones & Other Communication Equipments. 

  11. As per amendment in Sub-Paragraph of Para 5.1. Foreign Trade Policy vide Notification No.39(RE-2005)/2004-09 dated 17thJanuary, 2006, the`duty saved' amount on all EPCG licences issued in a licensing year for import of motor cars, sports utility vehicles/all purpose vehicles shall not exceed 50% of the average foreign exchange earnings from the hotel, travel & tourism and golf tourism sectors in the preceding three licensing years. 

  12. Notification No.41(RE-2005)/2004-09 dated 17thJanuary, 2006 prescribes as 15% minimum value addition under Advance Licence in case of spices (covered by Chapter 9 of the ITC(HS) Classifications of Export & Import Items 2004-09). 

  13. The period of eligibility of Cashew exports for benefits under VKUY is modified as 1.9.2004 and 26.4.2005 vide Notification No.41(RE-2005)/2004-09 and Policy Circular No.46(RE-2005)/2004-09 both dated 19thJanuary, 2006. Earlier it was between 4.1.2005 and 26.4.2005. 

  14. Policy Circular No.44 (RE-2005)/2004-09 dated 10thJanuary, 2006 adds 10 more EDI Customs Port to the list of EDI Ports and provides guidelines for on lines filing of applications and verification/registration system for DEPB schemes.

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January, 2006