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August 2009

Some of the Important Announcements of the

Government during the month of August 2009




1.      Public Notice No.192 (RE-2008)/2004-09& Public Notice No.193 (RE:2008)/2004-2009 both dated 7th August, 2009 notify Amendments in the Input Output Norms in respect of export productGroup Engineering.


2.       Discounts from FOB value offered to foreign buyers is excluded from computation of entitlement under Chapter 3 rewards schemes as per Public Notice No.194 (RE-2008)/2004-2009 dated 11th August, 2009.Policy Circular No.98 (RE-2008)/2004-2009 dated 10th August 2009 clarify the above provision.


3.       For import from Airport/Sea Port/ICD/LCS other than the Port of Registration a TRA shall be issued by the Customs Authority of the Port of Registration to Customs Authority at the Port of Import as per Public Notice No.185 (RE-2008)/2004-2009 dated 18th August, 2009.


4.        Public Notice No.1/2009-2014 dated 27th August, 2009 notifies the Handbook of Procedure (Vol. I) 2009-14.      

5.        Export Obligation period for Penicillin and its salts (ITC (HS) Code No.29411010 extended from 6 months to 12 months from the date of clearance of first consignment by Customs Authority as per Public Notice No.2/2009-2014 dated 27th August, 2009


6.       Public Notice No.3/2009-2014 dated 31st August, 2009 clarifies that import of restricted items against duty credit scrip shall be allowed to use if the item is also importable under the respective paras of Duty Credit Scrip.


7.      Public Notice No.4/2009-14 dated 31st August, 2009 notifies the amendments in respect of description of export product (Flours & Metals of Oil Seeds or Oleaginous Fruits other than those of Mustard/Soya Bean) underVKGUY Entry No.7 of Table 1B of Appendix 37A.



8.       Import of refined or white sugar (Code No.17019100 or 17019990) allowed to be imported at nil rate of customs duty, vide Notification No.84/2009-Cus dated 31.7.2009, shall be permitted onlythrough EDI ports/locations as per Notification No.120(RE-2008)/2004-2009 dated 6th August, 2009.      

9.     Some conditions/restrictions are imposed on all companies and their subsidiaries registered in India and all other business entities operating in India and involved in the manufacture, processing and use of Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment and Technologies (SCOMET) as per Notification No.120(RE-2008)/2004-2009 dated 6th August, 2009.


10.      Notification No.1/20092014 dated 27th August, notifies the Foreign Trade Policy 2009-2014.                

11.    Automobile Industries having R&D registration, are allowed to make free import of reference fuels (Petrol and Diesel) which are not manufactured in India, upto a maximum of 5 KL per annum, subject to the condition that the said imported reference fuels shall be used for R&D and emission testing purposes only as per Notification No.2/2009-2014 dated 27th August, 2009.


12.   Notification No.3/2009-2014 dated 27th August, 2009 makes amendments inChapters 3, 5, 12, 31,32 and 44Schedule II (Exports) to the ITC (HS) Classification of Export and Import Items, 2009-2014.



13.    Policy Circular No.99 (RE-08)/2004-2009 dated 11th August, 2009 issues clarification regarding Advance Authoriszation for export of SCOMET items.



14.    Policy Circular No.100 (RE-08)/2004-2009 dated 12th August, 2009 issues clarification regarding import of textile and textile articles made under Customs Notification No. 32/97-Cus dated 1.4.1997 shall exempt from the testing for hazardous dyes.


15.   Policy Circular No.101(RE-08)/2004-09 dated 13th August, 2009 issues Guidelines for import of Rough Marble Blocks and Slabs for the year 2008-09. 

16.     Policy CircularNo.1/2009-2014 dated 27th August, 2009 clarify supply of 15% of the imports of each entity of Precious Metals by the nominated agencies to exporters.    

17.     Policy Circular No.2/2009-2014 prescribes the procedure to be followed by RA for issuance of licence for import of sports weapons by renowned shooters.   

18.    Additional flexibility is given to Marine Sectorunder Target Plus and under DFCE schemes for Status Holders vide Policy Circular No.2/2009-2014 dated 27th August, 2009.

August 2009