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November 2009

Some Important Announcement of the Government during the month of November 2009 


1.      Public Notice No.16/2009-2014 dated 10th November, 2009makes amendments in Para 2.63 (ii) of HBP relating to Registering Authority issuing RCMC.


2.       Public Notice No.17/2009-14 dated 13th November, 2009 amends the Para 2.32.2 of HBPrelating to procedure for import of metallic waste & scrap in shredded form. 

3.     Public Notice No.18/2009-14 dated 17th November, 2009 and Public Notice No.19/2009-14dated 23rd November, 2009notify Amendments in the Input Output Norms in respect of export productGroups Leather and Engineering respectively.


4.      Agarbattis allocated under the jurisdiction of Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) vide Public Notice No.20/2009-2014 dated 23rd November, 2009.


5.      Self attested EP copy of shipping bill ( in cases where original EP copy of Shipping Bill has been negotiated by the Bank)for grant of VKGUY and FPS/FMS benefit can be considered by the Licensing Authorities subject to prescribed documents furnished by the application as per Policy Circular No.15/2009-2014 dated 5th November, 2009


6.    Policy Circular No.16/2009-14dated 13th November, 2009 clarifies thatthe provisions of Policy Circular No.25 dated 1.1.2008 are not to be applied.


7.   Policy Circular No.17/2009-2014 issue clarifications regarding issuance of EPCG authorization to Branch offices.


November 2009