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May 2010


Some Important Announcement of the Government during the month of May 2010  





1.     Minimum Value Addition for Copper Anode is notified 8% as per Public Notice Copper Anode is added under Appendix 11B for Value Addition No.59/2009-2014 dated 3rd May, 2010.




2.      Export Obligation Period for Silk in any form is prescribed for 6 months from the date of clearance of first consignment by Customs Authority asper Public Notice No.60/2009-14 dated 6th May, 2010.


3.     Public Notice No. 61/2009-2014 dated 13th May, 2010 makes changes in address of Joint DGFT, Puducherry by amending Appendix 1 (list of Regional Licensing Authorities and their Jurisdiction).


4.      Import of second hand computers, laptop and computer peripherals, etc. is restricted vide Public Notice No. 62/2009-2014 dated 13th May, 2010.


5.     New Appendix 39Aregarding Application forFree Sale & Commerce Certificate for Items other than Medical Devices/Instruments is notified videPublic Notice No.64/2009-2014 dated 18th May, 2010.


6.      Public Notice No. 65/2009-2014 dated 19th May, 2010 makes changes in Appendix1 (list of Regional Licensing Authorities and their Jurisdiction) regarding addresses of Joint DGFT, Vadodara andExtension counter of Joint DGFT, Bhopalat Indore.


7.      Public Notice No.66 dated 19th May, 2010 permit import of fuel under Paragraph 4.7of Handbook of Procedures, Vol.Iunder Adhoc Norms as per the specified entitlement.


8.     Public Notice No.67/2009-2014 dated 25th May, 2010 makes amendments in Appendix 13, Appendix 22C and Appendix 27.   

9.      Public Notice No.68/2009-14 dated 26th May, 2010 extend the Validity of Duty Free Credit Entitlement for Status holdersfor a further period of 12 months.


10.    Public Notice No.69/2009-2014 dated 28th May 2010 revise DEPBValue Cap from US $ 2.85 per kg. to Rs.131 per kg (when in dried form) for Fish, Crustaceans, Mollusca, Aquatic, etc.


11.    Notification No.39/2009-2014 dated 4th May, 2010 makes amendments in export Policy of Residues and waste from the Food industries; Prepared animal Fodder in the Schedule 2 (Export Policy) of ITC (HS) Classifications of Export and Import items.


12.     Export of 4,00,000 MT of Wheatto Bangladesh is allowed through Food Corporation of India as per Notification No.40/2009-14 dated 12th May, 2010.  

13.   Export of Wheat, Flour (Maida), Samolia (Rava/Sirgi) Wholemeal and resultant atta is allowed only from Customs EDI Ports as per Notification No.41/2009-14 dated 18th May, 2010.


14.   Export of Non-basmati Rice (Parboiled) 1,00,000 MTs to Bangladesh through specified allowedas per Notification No.42/2009-14 dated 18th May, 2010.


15.   Import Policy forCotton, not carded or combed under Tariff Item Code 5201 & 5202 is Restricted (instead of Free) vide Notification No. 44/2009-14 dated 21st May, 2010.Transitional arrangements allowed under Para 1.5 of the FTP is also not applicableas per Notification No.46/2009-14 dated 24th May, 2010.


16.   Notification No.45/2009-2014 dated 21st May, 2010notifies the Quantitative Ceiling for export of Stone Aggregate to 1,026,550 MTto Maldives for the year 2010-11.


17.     Radials (Exim Code 40112010) shallbeRestricted (instead of Free) vide Notification No.47/2009-2014 dated 26th May, 2010.


18.   Online transmission of DES(Advance Authorization), EPCG and DEPB authorizations at 9 ICES 1.5 new location w.e.f. 17.05 is mandatory vide Policy Circular No.32/2009-2014 dated 14th May, 2010.    

 19.    Policy Circular No.33/2009-14 dated 19th May, 2010 issue clarification regarding grant of Status Holders Incentive Scrip benefit to textile

May 2010