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July 2010


Some Important Announcement of the Government during the month of July 2010  




1.    Public Notice No.77/2009-2014 dated 1st July, 2010 makeschanges in address ofFederation of Gujarat Industries by amending Appendix 4C (list of Agencies Authorised to issue Certificate of Origin).


2.     Sanitary Import Permit shall be obtained from the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries for import of meat and meat products as per Public Notice No.78/2009-2014 dated 1st July, 2010.


3.    Public Notice No.79/2009-2014 dated 12th July, 2010 reduced the percentage of wastage by weight for Gold/Platinum from 9.0% to 7%andfor Silver 10% to 7%.


4.     Public Notice No.80/2009-2014, dated 13th July, 2010;Public Notice No.84/2009-14 dated 23rd July, 2010; Public Notice No.86/2009-14 and Public Notice No.87 both dated 26th July, 2010 notifies Amendments/Additions in the Input Output Norms in respect of export productGroups Plastics, Food Products and Chemicals & Allied Products.


5.     Public Notice No.81/2009-2014 dated 13th July, 2010makes changes in address of Dy. DGFT, Raipurby amending Appendix 1 (list of Regional Licensing Authorities and their Jurisdiction).    

6.       Public Notice No. 82/2009-14 and Policy Circular No.40  both dated 16th July, 2010 make it mandatory to mention "Declaration of Intent" on all categories of Shipping Bills including Free Shipping Bills for claiming benefit of various Schemes under Chapter 3 of Foreign Trade Policy with effect from 1.1.2011. It hasalso been made mandatory to Mention 8 Digit ITC (HS) Code on the Shipping Bill. Where 8 Digit ITC (HS) code for the export product/category is not specified in Chapter 3 related Appendices, the applicable entry of the intended reward scheme is necessary to mention on the Shipping Bill.


7.     No Advance Authorisation shall be issued for import of Rough Granite under Paragraph 4.7 (Self declared Authorisation where SION does not exist) as per Public Notice No.83/2009-2014 dated 22nd July, 2010.    

8.    Notification No.50/2009-2014 dated 6th July,2010 makes amendment in nature of restriction for Import of Guar Gum refined split Guar Gum treated and pulverized by amendingSchedule 2 (Export Policy) of ITC (HS) Classifications of Export and Import items.    

  9.     Notification No.51/2009-2014 dated 8th July,2010 makes alignment of Schedule I of ITC (HS) Classification with Customs Tariff entries by amendment/addition in Chapter 53, 6, 57 & 94.


10.   Import Policy forTariff Item -Others under Exim Code 73269099 isFree (instead of Restricted) vide Notification No. 52/2009-14 dated 8th July, 2010.


11.    Notification No. 53/2009-14 dated 15th July, 2010 relating to Import Policy for "off-the-air GSM monitoring technology"


12    .Policy Circular No.36/2009-14 dated 5th July, 2010 relates to Revalidation of Import Authorisation or Restricted Items (except SCOMET Items).   

 13.  Advance Authorisation,  EPCG and DEPB Authorisation/Scrip at the 33 ICES 1.5 new locations, issued w.e.f. 10.7.2010 will be communicated online to Customs for necessary processing at their end.  Further, application for all Shipping Bills  issued w.e.f. 10.7.2010, from these newly added Ports, will have to be filed mandatory in EDI Mode as perPolicy Circular No.37/2009-14 dated 07.07.2010.


14.   Policy Circular No.38/2009-14 dated 15th July, 2010 relates to Telecom Sector and their entitlement under SFIS scheme and other issues of SFIS Scheme.


15.   Policy Circular No.39/2009-14 dated 5th July, 2010issue clarification relating to Execution of LUT/BG against Import Authorisation issued by Import of Restricted items on Re-export basis.

July 2010