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October, 2010

 Some Important Announcements of the Government during the month of October, 2010 



1. Sea Port Ennore (Tamilnadu) and ICDs Irugur, Thudiyalur, Chettipalayam and Veerapandi (all in Tamilnadu)are added in Port of Registration under Paragraphs 4.19 of Hand Book of Procedures vide Public Notice No.11/2009-2014 (RE-2010)dated 11th October, 2010.This would facilitate export-import of goods.


2. Public Notice No.12/(RE-1010) 2009-2014 dated 11th October, 2010 makes amendment in DEPB entry Sr. No.1 of the Product Group "Fish & Fish Products"(Product Code 66)relating to Fish, Crustaceans, Mollusca, Aquatic, etc.This describe the product better and make a distinction between live or chilled form.



3. DEPB Entry Sl. No.434 (Refined Glycerin) of the Product Group Chemicals (Product Code: 52) deleted vide Public Notice No.13 (RE-2010)/2009-2014 dated 13th October, 2010,since the above product is already covered under Entry No.525.This amendment retains only one DEPB entry 525.


4. Notification No.8 (RE-2010)2009-14 dated 8th October, 2010 makes amendment in the Import Policy of Fish Body Oil.


5. Policy Circular No.2(RE-2010)/2009-14 dated 8th October, 2010 issue clarification on the procedure to re-credit 4% Special Additional Duty (SAD) of Customs in DEPB, VKGYU, FPS, FMS, MLFPS scrips


6. Policy Circular No.3 (RE-2010)/2009-14 dated 25th October, 2010 issue clarification regarding SION for Nylon filament knitted/knotted nets bearing at number H158.




October, 2010