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The State of Orissa is situated strategically contiguous with the States of Southern, Central and Eastern India. With its immense natural resources – mineral, marine, forest and agricultural and the added advantage of its 480 Kms. long coast line along the Bay of Bengal, the State is poised for taking off towards industrial development and economic prosperity.

The State of Orissa is committed to Industrial Development and stress is being laid on the exploitation of the rich agricultural, marine and mineral resources and tourism to provide the leverage for accelerated industrialization. There already exists a substantial industrial base, comprising of a number of large, medium and small-scale enterprises in Steel, Aluminium, Chrome, Power, Textile, Handicraft and a host of other sectors.  The thrust is on agro processing, electronics and software, aluminium industries, Gems & jewellery, automobile, basic drugs and pharmaceuticals, petro-chemicals and export oriented units.

Infrastructure is a key component for industrial development and the existing facilities in the State offer tremendous opportunities for national and overseas investment in the export-oriented industries.

Orissa is well connected by all modern means of transport surface, air and water.  The State has rail and road network providing linkage to the various strategic points with more than 22364 Kms of rail route and 55000 Kms of roadways.

Orissa has a long coast line, with Paradip as the major all weather port.  In addition, there are a no. of small ports in the State which offers tremendous opportunities for international trade.  The plan to set up an all weather port at Gopalpur will provide further export opportunities to the entrepreneurs of the State.

The Biju Patnaik Air Port at Bhubaneswar has already been declared as a Customs Airport and being upgraded to international status.

As recently aanounced in the Financial budget, two Special Economic Zones are proposed to set up at Paradip and Gopalpur and Agricultural Export Zones in the districts of Koraput and Kandhamal for Ginger and Turmeric respectively.

Abundance of skilled and semi-skilled manpower at competitive rate in an environment of peaceful industrial relation and positive work culture offer favorable opportunities for industrial development. Availability of qualified people from a number of Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and Management Institutes in the State provide a rich human resources base for rapid industrialization of the State.

The Government of Orissa in it's Industrial Policy-2001 envisages creation and modernisation of various infrastructural facilities, viz. development of roads and bridges, ports, power plant, in addition to Special Economic Zones in the State.  Besides, 100% EOUs are declared as "Public Utility Services" and will be allowed refund of OST on inputs and raw materials used for manufacture of goods meant for export.

FIEO Orissa Chapter