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Export Scenario of Orissa

From a level of Rs.1893 crores in 1998-99, the export from the State had risen to Rs.2203 crores during 1999-2000 and Rs.2661 crores during 2001-2001 showing an upward annual growth of 16 and 21 per cent respectively.  The provisional export data of the State for the year 2001-2002 indicates that the export figure may further rise up to Rs.3000 crores.


The export from Orissa has been increasing steadily.  An analysis of the export matrix of Orissa shows that mineral and metallurgical products are the main areas of exports from Orissa.  About 77% of State's total export i.e.Rs.2057 crores during 2000-2001 was exported from this sector.


The next important sector is marine products.  During the year 2000-2001, Rs.313 crores of prawn/shrimp and marine fish etc. were exported to Japan, USA and EC countries. Keeping the marine and brackish water potential in view, it is estimated that export of marine products will further increase in near future.


The varied agro-climatic condition of Orissa is ideal for the cultivation of diverse food grains, fruits and vegetables, spices, flowers and medicinal herbs.  From this sector products like non-Basmati rice, cashew nut, tomato puries, mango, guava, banana pulp and concentrate, tamarind paste, kendu leaves etc. were exported worth about Rs.5.8 crores in 2000-2001. The Agricultural Export Zones being set up at Koraput and Kandhamal will further boost up the export of agri-products.


An emerging sector, i.e. Electronics & Software is also fast growing in export front which is expanding at an extremely rapid pace.  From a level of Rs.42.26 lakh in 1997-98, the export has gone up to approximately Rs.159 crores during 2000-2001.


The other sectors like Handloom Textiles & Handicrafts, though there is a vast potentiality for export, but export from these sectors are not so encouraging due to lack of infrastructural facilities and awareness among the entrepreneurs. But, efforts are on to encourage exports by this sector.


Export Scenario of Orissa