Recent Amendments in MDA Guidelines

MDA grant for Priority Sector:
Maximum number of permissible participations shall be five in afinancial year. The exporters availing of assistance under this provision would be eligible for two participations in General Area, with an assistance for Rs. 1,50,000/- for each participation.However, the exporter would be eligible for only 2 more participations in Focus Areas.

(Vide MOC's letter No. 14/6/2007-E&MDA dt. 20/09/2007.)

SSI/Non-SSI Unit
There is no distinction between SSI and Non-SSI units in the MDA Guidelines w.e.f. 1/4/2006
 (Vide MOC's letter NO. 2/4/06-E&MDA(Part-III) dt. 2/11/2007)

FIEO/ITPO as Grantee Organizations
"The competent authority has now decided that FIEO/ITPO will henceforth be treated as eligible grantee organization for reimbursing MDA grants to the exporters who are also the members of other EPCs etc.  and participating in the events organized/sponsored by FIEO and ITPO.  However, for this purpose FIEO and ITPO will obtain a "No Objection Certificate"  from the concerned EPCs of which the exporter is the member.  The existing Guidelines for MDA stand modified to that extent, superceding relevant provision/instructions and will be effective from 1/12/2007.

In respect of the pending MDA claims applications of the exporters who have already participated in the events organized/sponsored by ITPO and have been issued necessary certificates, it has been decided that the concerned EPCs would reimburse their claims after examining their eligibility, as per the existing guidelines."
 (Vide MOC's Letter No. 2/1/2004-E&MDA(Part) dt. 26/11/2007)
Reimbursement of Travel Expenses under MDA Scheme for Export Promotion Activities
"With a view to bring uniformity and rationalize the reimbursement of MDA assistance, which will also provide incentive to the participants, it has been decided by the competent authority that with effect from Financial year 2008-09, the travel expenses reimbursable to participants/exporters, in terms of MDA guidelines will be inclusive of taxes, subject to the extant financial ceiling per event as mentioned in the guidelines."
(Vide MOC's Letter No. 9/29/2007-E&MDA dt. 30/04/2008)

Recent Amendments in MDA Guidelines